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If found guilty by the board, the inmate loses privileges, such as commissary, TV, and phones. Other than that, they may also lose credit for their sentence. Inmates serving state time are under the authority of the Tennessee Department of Corrections. They are housed at the County Jail till a bed opens up at the State Penitentiary.

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Their parole hearing is also decided by the state. A letter is sent to the inmate from the Tennessee Department of Probation and Parole 2 weeks before the hearing. Once an inmate is transferred to the state prison, they lose the ability to make an immediate call. They are classified and transferred to the appropriate prison. To perform a Williamson County jail inmate search, you can go on the official Texas government website. The site allows you to perform a number of record searches in Williamson County jail, including a Williamson County inmate search.

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To perform this search, you need to enter the following details about the inmate in question:. Once you enter this information, the website will provide you with detailed information about the inmate you are searching. After the search, you will be able to contact the inmate you are searching in the appropriate times. If you cannot find the inmate you want with the online Williamson County inmate search, there is a chance that they were transferred to another facility.

In such cases, contact the facility or the Sheriff's office to find out where the inmate was transferred to.

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In case you do not have all the information listed above about the inmate in question, you can perform another Williamson County inmate search with professional background check websites. With these types of websites, you will only need to provide one identifying the detail of the inmate in question to locate them and find out if they are indeed held in Williamson County.

Another way to perform a Williamson County inmate search is to use GoLookUp's professional inmate search directory. Once the website's directory has the full name of the inmate you want to find, it will perform a Williamson County inmate search. The results will be provided to you in the form of a report that includes the inmate's name, identifying details, mugshots, arrest records, booking information, and where they are currently held.

Searching for public records allows you to find valuable information about people, like their birth records data, their marriage records, contact information, criminal records, arrest records, divorce records, social media accounts, sex offender registries, and much more. If you want to find Williamson County public records about people who are not currently incarcerated in the Williamson County jail, you can use GoLookUp's public records directory. Once the search is complete, you will be provided with a report about the Williamson County resident you searched.

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The report will include the information mentioned above, and additional data that is kept in public records. The Williamson County public records' search will help you find out the truth about people, so you will be able to discover if someone is lying to you and for what reason. First Name Julian. Last Name Garcia Ivarra. Age Gender Male. First Name Arnold.

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Last Name Sam. First Name Lisa. Last Name Wehrley. Gender Female. The reason can not only provide another part of your ancestor's story, but also may lead to more clues, especially in the case of desertion, where you may be able to find the location that the "deserting" party moved to. Be prepared.

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In most cases, I did not include the links to County Courts, where most divorce records are now processed and the documents held. But these divorce documents for most states are partially held in either state archives or county clerk records. So you may wish to avail yourself of these county clerk an court archives, especially those that can be searched online. Note : Some of the links listed below take you to a FamilySearch Collection of digital images. If there is a camera icon at the right of the name in the Format column then the collections' images are browsable.

If there is a camera with a key icon, it is only available at a Family History Center or affiliated library. If there is a film reel icon, then it is only available in microfilm format, not digital.