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With four million copies of Grandpa's set sold, and with only a couple thousand people actively collecting Bing Crosby records these days, well, do the math. Had Grandpa visited the "wrong side of the tracks" and bought blues records by pioneering black artists that were pressed in low quantities on obscure labels, then you'd have something.

Problem is, ol' pops liked the same music that everybody else did. As a result, that 78 of Perry singing "Til The End of Time" is more or less worthless, financially speaking. This answer has been drawn out a bit to illustrate the train of thought that almost everybody with a box of albums in the attic goes through. The process begins when you see a news story of a rare record selling for thousands of dollars.

Regardless of what prompts it, the wheels are set in motion, and you're convinced you've got a box of gold. It's all about economics. The sad truth is that the rare record really is rare -- maybe one of three surviving copies that is sought by perhaps 1, collectors, a dozen of whom absolutely "must" have it. The Benny Goodman set you saw is one of tens of thousands that still exist, and might appeal to perhaps 1, collectors, all but a dozen of whom already have it.

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Supply and demand. The rare record results in a bidding war, the common record results in 10, people trying to sell their copy to 1 of the 12 buyers. That selling ranges from the high end -- the antique store -- to the low end, flea markets and garage sales, with everything in between.

Collectors who are seriously looking for fairly common records will usually troll Ebay. They usually don't need them, so most of the records listed on Ebay go unsold.

What to Do with Your Vinyl Records

Especially grandpa's "rare" Bing Crosby box set. Sold millions then, worthless today. After tanking on Ebay, the unsold stuff gets put in the next family garage sale, where the LPs are priced at a dollar and Grandpa's 78s are tagged for five. Some garage sale shoppers may buy an odd album or two on impulse, but will certainly pause at the high price of a dollar.

Here's Frank Sinatra singing Stardust , from the early s. But as far as personal value, the sky's the limit! Please note that you have to click on the little "play" arrow twice to get it to work. After a couple of years going unsold in the annual garage sale, you finally get tired of schlepping a heavy box of records up and down from the attic.

In terms of the value of your time, these records have already cost you more than they're worth. But you're determined that they have some value, and you hate to just throw them away.

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Then one of the 78s in Grandpa's set cracks during a garage sale shuffle, so eventually you get wise and donate the whole mess to the church rummage sale. You present your treasure to the ladies at the front table, and if you're lucky they say "oh, more records. A few will sell for a dime or a quarter apiece, the rest will be discarded. Parts of this scenario are playing out right now, all around the country.

How Much are Your Old Records Really Worth?

Just check Ebay if you have any doubts. One in a million. Well, maybe not quite that high, but it's close. Honestly, you're about as likely to hit the lottery as to find a valuable record in an old collection. But if you must know, there are some instances in which records will sell:. Early records from emerging artists on regional record labels. Sometimes these are worth money, but usually not.

Some promotional or DJ copies, but only if they were made in small quantities and the artist has a large following of rabid fans. Picture sleeves from 45 RPM singles that are rare.

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  6. Generally those on a young artist's first label, before they hit the big time. Hard to find records in mint condition. Sinatra and the Partridge Family are not hard to find. You can look up records in online lists and printed price guides. But remember, these people are in the business of printing price guides, not buying records. It's up to you to find a buyer good luck.

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    Album covers with good aesthetics in good condition. These are usually sold as impulse items at garage sales or flea markets -- some Sinatra fan sees the fantastic photo on the cover of Strangers In the Night and thinks it might look nice in a frame. They'll give you a buck and throw the vinyl away. Unfortunately most records were kept in crates, or were constantly rubbed together, so they generally don't fit this category. A caveat: Just because an album cover is compelling, doesn't mean it has any value. Also, brisk trading now occurs among collectors of 45s, especially among the s rhythm and blues and early rock artists.

    Great interest maintains in rare and unusual foreign issues, etc. However, most of their records have little value because so many were produced without any distinguishing characteristics. In other words they were all the same. Records are purchased by collectors, mail order dealers, used records stores and the general public, sometimes on a nostalgic impulse or because of a favorite artist.

    For truly rare records the best prices will come from dealers who know the market and for how much they can resell them. Collectors are emotional and sometimes fanatical collecting their specialties. They may pay top prices for particular idiosyncrasies.

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    Painstaking research and knowledge of the record industry and its artists is required to determine the value of a particular recording. There are a number of price guides published, but values indicated are generally highly inflated or based on an isolated sale. Obviously, collectors and dealers want to read that records can bring high prices.

    Remember, value rests in the mind of the buyer. A buyer for every record you wish to sell probably exists somewhere in the world. How to find that person is a big problem. It is not uncommon for people to discover old records in their homes and proceed to spend many dollars far in excess of the eventual sale price as well as untold hours in pursuit of a buyer. It can become very frustrating and sometimes obsessive. Expectations almost always exceed reality.

    Selling involves prospective buyers visiting your home. Or, you may have to pack and cart the records to a store for a price quote and no sale or prepare them for sale online. Damage in transit can make them worthless. Out-of-town prospects requires mail correspondence, packing, insurance, carting to the post office, placing postage and sending C. The buyer may refuse to accept upon receipt.

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