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Clean Slate scheme Breadcrumbs. Your convictions are automatically concealed under the Clean Slate scheme if you are eligible. This happens automatically. Find out more in section 7 of the Criminal Records Clean Slate Act external link What the Clean Slate scheme means for your criminal record If you meet all of the requirements: your criminal convictions are automatically concealed you can say you have no convictions if you are asked about your criminal record in New Zealand.

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Note that there are some cases when you will have to provide your full record. Read about these below. Cases when you may have to provide your full record Even if the Clean Slate scheme applies to you, you may sometimes need to give your full record. So I started work and I was waiting for them to work out my housing benefit entitlement so they can tell me how much I have to pay towards my rent and council tax.

I received letters from Housing Benefit that they are working on my claim, on the other hand I was receiving letters from Council Tax demanding payment. This was my first job, all the time I was on benefits, when i received letters from these institutions for something like an increase in council tax, they said that if I was on benefits I didn't need to do anything as my account will be adjusted automatically.

So I drew the concludion that the rent department and council tax are connected. So any way, when I took the job, I was receiving letters: one department saying they are working it out and the other making demands, so I said they cannot be asking me to make payments before housing benefit tells me how much I have to pay and what the will pay, since they wrote saying that they are still calculating. Any way, cut the long story short, Council tax took me to court! I was made to pay a fine and council tax areas, and yes, they sent me bailiffs also!

They said that council tax and rent work differently, I shouldn't have waited for my rent calculations to be sorted, I should have made payments for CT when I was told. But they never told me that and I never knew that if you are on benefits life is so much easier but not when you start working ie: if you are on benefits letters come saying you don't need to do anything, your account will be automatically adjusted. So Council Tax, very nasty people, these are the people who mess things up and dont shy away from taking you to court, they were the first one to take me to court rather than me taking them for not giving me the correct information.

Luckly, CT does not affect your credit file, I would have been screwed up otherwise because sometimes I rely on my credit card to make ends meet. So for them to win, they twisted things around by putting the blame on me by emphasizing that rent and CT are different andbi shouldn't have waited; and I was told that either way I owe money. But it is not owing money that was the issue, the issue was how did the money come to be owed first of all?

I did not attend court, I was doing a course and short with time and knowing how lengthy these legal issues are, I decided to pay the court fees. Also, since people on low income have to be always on the "treadmill", they get caught up easily in these sirtv of things and just foke their hard earned money because they don't have the time to deal with it; they cannot step down from the" treadmill". This explains why here there is a high rate of people suffering from all sort of illnesses: high BP, diabetes, you name it! And these "perks" the government gives us are only temporary, to intice us to take low paid jobs.

So basically you have to keep changing jobs as they keep raising the bar in order to earn a descent income. That's why when you go to the bank trying to boost your income with these perks, they show you the door!

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Nelly November 18, at Carol, I can imagine how you feel. And I believe this is having an pact on you more than your son as he doesn't understand as you do, bless him! In a way it is good, who would like to combine mental health issues and this legal system? How stupid!

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In a mansion with 11 kids! I will also be able to afford a flight ticket to go and find "Mr Fat Fish" I mentioned above and ask him how he manages to get off the hook from the tax man's radar! I will be sipping cocktails with him on the beach somewhere and I might even decide to date him, I will double up the number of kids! Nelly November 19, at Let the fools "sprint on the treadmill" for me! Al November 19, at Hi, Found this very interesting. Trying being an ex copper with a conviction. It's like I've got a contagious disease.

Not one interview for the last six months. Getting bored of applying for jobs.

Ok, I got a conviction but it doesn't make me a bad person. Al, Do not take this personal, now you realize that " we are all human and make mistake" but is it what you thought when you were wearing that uniform, had, a gun, a tizzer gun, Handcuffs, a batton, a new police car every 6 months, a training of over powering someone until they feel so helpless and completely useless to defend themselves, when you had the right to tell someone what they cant say and do, drag them wherever you want?

Humiliating them on TV courtesy of the media, The list is endless! But now it's " poor me". It's thanks to the cops that I am here sitting with a conviction for something I have not done. I tell you what, I will stop if I saw someone dead on the road but not a cop. They are judgmental and they think they are above everyone else, the law has allowed them to feel and think that way but when the tables are turned it's " I am only human" Duh!

So what do call " job"? Nelly November 20, at As I said the law allows them to do all that but if any of us did it, God knows what will happen to us! Can you imagine if the did not focus on turning me and you in and just focused on professional criminals how many they will turn in at the end of the year? By focusing on easy targets like me and you, they get impressive figures and the can say: " we doing our job, we bringing crime down, increase our budget"! You dont have to be a rocket scientist to understand the propaganda behind it!

Nelly November 21, at Can someone explain me why the police needs to drive BMWs? Are there no other fast cars that are cheaper? Emily Beard December 5, at Hi there, I am currently carrying out my research project based upon the impact a criminal record has on everyday life. I welcome anyone if they have 5 minutes to fill in the online questionnaire I have made which will be totally anonymous and confidential.

Thanks very much,. Nelly December 9, at Since this conversation started with Mr Huhne and Mrs Pryce, I would like to inform those of you that don't know that Mrs Pryce employs a lady who has a conviction and she's also the Patron of Working Chance. So applaus to her. I would also urge people who got convictions to join these organizations because the Goverment denies them funding on the basis that they do not help many people, so the government would rather waste money on the useless Job Centre. So as you understand these organizations rely on fundraising from people who care about this society.

Please support organisations that make a difference! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the very special people who donate to Working Chance and Blue Sky, thanks to them that these organisations are able to be there for me and others, I am very glad that I joined. Kylie December 11, at My ex husband has criminal convictions from police assaults, drugs, shop lifting etc and are all spent from 10yrs ago. I'm afraid to say he was still in his ways but just lucky not to get caught. I took up with him and made it clear I don't partake in drags or that lifestyle and tried to show him a better way of life.

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He went to college and tried to better himself but was going behind my back and still doing and dealing drugs. We had a baby and it got worse. He'd been working with children and vulnerable adults etc and when we spilt, it came to light that he put all of these groups into a vulnerable position as did he with my baby. His disclosure was obtained through college but his PVG had a typo error which allowed him to do theses jobs and he laughed it off.

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I've highlighted his drug use to his employer, who sacked him, his contact for volunteer work as it's with children and now to a lawyer for everything as it's now going to court for contact for my baby! I'm afraid to say that some leopards just don't change their spots, even when they are given the chance and opportunity to change their life whether it be the truthfully or dishonestly! DWT December 17, at Here is my plight. When I was 19, I was given a deferred adjudication for possession of marijuana. The original charge was a felony with intent to distribute.

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I went through my probation and all of that, paid my fines, did the good thing. Never been in trouble since. Just graduated from college with a BS in Medical Technology. I just now realize, I may never be able to even use that degree. I have to apply for internships. They all ask about your criminal background.

If they ask if I were ever convicted of crime, I can say no. But when I go to get certification, they will want to know ANY prior record. Here I am, after straightening out my life, 15 years later, and I may have just wasted 40, dollars on school.