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She served as a court-appointed monitor in Allen v. Department of Correction, a sexual harassment case pending in the U.

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District Court in Connecticut, and as interim executive director of the Connecticut Office of State Ethics in the fall of A graduate of Brown University and Yale Law School, she was a trial lawyer and partner at one of Connecticut's leading law firms before going on the bench in She successfully argued a case in the United States Supreme Court. She has arbitrated or mediated hundreds of cases involving many kinds of claims, including but not limited to product liability, employment, property rights, insurance coverage, construction, will contests, personal injury, contract, and discrimination.

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  7. Practice Percentages. Part of the ex-pat community of the s, he spent most of his life in Europe, dying in London, England, in Thomas Stearns "T. Louis, Missouri, on September 26, He attended Smith Academy in St.

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    Soon after the turn of the century, Eliot began seeing his poems and short stories in print, and writing would occupy him for the rest of his life. Eliot began courses at Harvard University in , graduating three years later with a Bachelor of Arts degree. At Harvard, he was greatly influenced by professors renowned in poetry, philosophy and literary criticism, and the rest of his literary career would be shaped by all three.

    After graduating, Eliot served as a philosophy assistant at Harvard for a year, and then left for France and the Sorbonne to study philosophy.

    Hon. Beverly J. Hodgson

    From to , Eliot was back at Harvard, where he deepened his knowledge by reading Indian philosophy and studying Sanskrit. He finished his advanced degree at Harvard while in Europe, but due to the onset of World War I, he never went back to Harvard to take the final oral exam for his Ph.

    Not long after, he became a bank clerk—a position he would hold until It was around this time that Eliot began a lifelong friendship with American poet Ezra Pound , who immediately recognized Eliot's poetic genius and worked to publish his work. Alfred Prufrock," which appeared in Poetry in His first book of poems, Prufrock and Other Observations , followed in , and the collection established Eliot as a leading poet of his day.

    While writing poetry and tending to his day job, Eliot was busy writing literary criticism and reviews, and his work in the criticism field would become as respected as his poetry.

    In , Eliot published Poems , which contained "Gerontion. As if that didn't garner enough attention, in Eliot saw the publication of "The Waste Land," a colossal and complex examination of postwar disillusionment. At the time he wrote the poem, Eliot's marriage was failing, and he and his wife were both experiencing "nervous disorders. The same year "The Waste Land" was published, Eliot founded what would become an influential literary journal called Criterion.

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