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From the index, we see that he was born on 6 February , died on 5 June , and had his Social Security number issued in Iowa. The iconic American author John Steinbeck is recorded in this index.

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His birth was recorded as 27 February and his death as taking place in December His Social Security number was issued in New York, which is also the state in which he died. Born on 18 January and died in November His Social Security number was issued in the state of California. It further notes that she died on 29 June and that her Social Security number was issued in New York.

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Learn about these records What can these records tell me? Each record in this index will provide you with a transcript of key information: First name s Last name Birth year Birth date Death year Death date Social Security number Place of issue of Social Security number State.

Discover more about these records. The makeup of Social Security numbers The first three numbers, the area number, are determined by geographical region of the local Social Security office where it was issued, prior to Group numbers are not assigned consecutively but instead are assigned in this order: Odd numbers from 01 to 09 Even numbers from 10 to 98 Even number from 02 to 08 Odd number from 11 to 99 The final four digits are the serial numbers: a straight numerical sequence from to within a group.

The program differed fundamentally in scope from other New Deal programs, which were intended to last for less than a decade. The Social Security Act, however, introduced a permanent system, funded by payroll taxes and formed the basis for the welfare system in the United States, designed to provide aid for older citizens, needy minors, the unemployed, and the handicapped.

Prior to , it was common for individuals to receive Social Security numbers around age 14 as they were primarily used for tracking income. The age was lowered to two in and to one in Today, parents usually apply for Social Security numbers for their children on the same form used to apply for their birth certificates. If you have military ancestors, it may be useful to know that Social Security numbers were used as identification numbers for members of.

Since the start of the Social Security program, over million Social Security numbers have been issued. The Social Security Administration does not reuse numbers and has said it has enough remaining numbers to last several generations without the need to reuse or change the makeup of the Social Security numbers.