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He was taken to the Standard Hotel on Broadway, where he received medical attendance. The train proved a total wreck. While returning from the dance about 2 a. Castle assaulted and outraged the girl and then ran away and left her. She made her way home to No.

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Norton examined the girl and found her body injured. Castle was arrested last night and jailed at the seventh precinct. A bold robbery of the old stage coach kind was committed on Brecksville road last night. George Peck and daughter of No. When near the Willow House , outside the city limits, two men were seen walking along the road in the same direction in which Mr. Peck was driving. As they showed no disposition to turn out, Miss Peck expressed the fear that they would be run down by the horse.

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The words were scarcely out of her mouth when the two men wheeled about and each, with a revolver in his hand, came toward the buggy. One grabbed the horse by the bit and pushed the frightened animal back upon its haunches. The other shoved his revolver into the face of Mr. Peck and demanded his money. All the money Mr. This was handed over to the highwayman, who pocketed it with a gruff demand for more.

Peck then bethought himself of his revolver, and drawing it from his pocket, attempted to use it, but, with his daughter clinging in terror to his arm, he was no match for his antagonist and it was wrested from his grasp. After satisfying themselves that no more money was to be had the highwaymen allowed them to go. Peck immediately drove to the seventh precinct station and reported the occurrence, at the same time giving a good description of the men.

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Sergeant Pierce and Patrolman Corrigan at once started in search of them, and had proceeded as far as Harvard Street, when the two men were seen skulking down the street. They were pursued, captured and taken to the station, where they gave the names of Charles and Frank Jones. Later, Mr. Peck and daughter called at the station and positively identified the men as the ones who had held them up. Still later, Sergeant Pierce, fearing that the cells at the seventh precinct were not strong enough to hold the men, removed them to the central station.

Two more members of the notorious gang of Brecksville road thugs were fined in police court Tuesday by Judge Fiedler. Heck of No.

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Because Heck called his wife and her companion to one side of the road so they would not hear the vile language used by the men Zahler and Vanek got out of the wagon and assaulted him. The buildings of the Grasselli Chemical Co. In none of the buildings, however, had the water reached the machinery, so that the loss was not so great as it would otherwise have been.

Further up the valley the works of the Cleveland Furnace Co. The fires were extinguished except under the emergency pumps, which were working under three feet of water. At Willow Station, on eight-mile lock, the damage was great. The plant of the Newburg Reduction Co. The engine room was six feet under water.

Many homes in the vicinity were flooded, and the loss to occupants, while small, will be very severe to them. A small culvert on the Wheeling, between Jefferson Street and the bridge over the river near East Clark Avenue, was carried away, and with a section of about forty feet of track. The bridge of the Wheeling over the river was considered safe late last night.

Men were on guard to place heavy trains of freight cars on the bridge at the first sign of danger. Floods caused by the excessive thaw made themselves felt in many sections about Cleveland yesterday, doing considerable damage and caused great inconvenience. The freezing over of many flooded sections last night promises to make the inundations all the more troublesome. All the creeks and rivers about Cleveland are on the rampage, overflowing their banks and flooding large sections of lowlands. In several districts railroad tracks have been covered.

One strip of the Eastern Ohio Traction Co. Reports from adjoining counties indicate similar conditions. The Cuyahoga River was running nine miles an hour yesterday morning and was several feet higher than normal. The tug rammed through some big floes for about an hour and a half and finally succeeded in setting the water in motion. The mile a minute wind from the west soon drifted it eastward so that any contamination was avoided.

While no damage was done within the city limits the Cuyahoga failed to behave itself so well out in the rural districts. Nearly every tributary overflowed its banks and flooded low territories. In the neighborhood of Chardon many sections were reported under water. At Willow Station, the Brecksville Road was under several feet of water and many farmers headed toward the Cleveland markets yesterday were forced to abandon their trips and return.

The water was well over the hubs of their wagon wheels. Floods lifted it from its foundations and floated it fifty feet away. At Cleveland Heights many telephone and telegraph poles were blown down and the service crippled. Tinkers Creek at Bedford was lashed to a fury yesterday by the unusually large volume of water pouring in from all directions. The bridge last night was in a tottering condition and it was feared that it could not last long.

Desperate efforts are being made to save it. The blizzard of damp clinging snow which swooped down upon the city yesterday made things thoroughly disagreeable out of doors. Owing to the high winds, however, telephone and telegraph wires were not seriously affected by the snow as it was speedily blown away. Sweepers managed to keep street car service on fairly good schedule time. A pump was employed in getting water from the cellar of one house, where a man lay sick as the water interfered with the heating of the house.

An overflowing sewer flooded the boiler room of the city garbage plant yesterday morning and put a stop to its operation for the entire day. Harbor Master Lynch, aboard the tug Frank W. When moving upstream against the nine-mile current the stanch little tug, though under high steam, seemed to be scarcely moving. Lynch said last evening that the city was fortunate in having freed the river ice on the day previous, or much damage might have resulted. Three and a half inches of snow fell yesterday. It fell steadily throughout the day to 26 degrees at 5 p.

The wind blew at the rate of a mile a minute from the northwest and the snow came with it. Making good the promise of the Personal Liberty League to reform the saloons of Cuyahoga County, an agent of the league has begun a wholesale crusade against the slot machines run by the proprietors of outlying inns.

Nine machines have been confiscated already in four raids and the innkeepers in all cases were hauled before a justice of the peace. Officers of the Personal Liberty League declare that the raid has only started. Last night three saloons were visited by a constable armed with warrants. Browning, state agent of the Personal Liberty League, who has been taking out the warrants, began work here several weeks ago. Last Friday he swore to affidavits against a dozen saloonkeepers before Justice John G.

Murphy and warrants were yesterday issued for the arrest of these persons.

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William Schultz was taken into custody, but later released on his own recognizance to appear for trial next Tuesday. A similar fate met all of the others. William Zacharychz of Middleburg Township was another who got in the toils, but it is said that the agent of the company which operates most of the slot machines throughout the county succeeded in getting the contrivance away before the constable arrived. Others who were arrested were A.

Zacharychz, A. Three machines were found in the rear of the saloon. The proprietor and assistant were missing and no arrests were made. A policeman, the constables assert, was dispensing drinks behind the bar of the Willow House. When he saw the constable he left hastily, grabbing his uniform and helmet.

The machines will be confiscated today, the constables assert. It is expected that a number of warrants will be issued today for saloonkeepers who have refused to obey the dictates of the Personal Liberty League that they shall reform their businesses.


The League decided upon definite action in this direction some weeks ago and so informed the state organization. John F.

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Rutledge of the Anti-Saloon league when told that the raids had taken place.